Who We Are

TakeMe Human resources development (HRD) refers to the vast field of training and development provided by organizations to increase the knowledge, skills, education, and abilities of their employees. In many organizations, the human resources development process begins upon the hiring of a new employee and continues throughout that employee’s tenure with the organization.

Many employees come into an organization with only a basic level of skills and experience and must receive training in order to do their jobs effectively. Others may already have the necessary skills to do the job, but don’t have knowledge related to that particular organization. HR development is designed to give employees the information they need to adapt to that organization’s culture and to do their jobs effectively.

What Is the Purpose of HRD?

TakeMe HRD can be viewed, in some ways, in the same manner that a coach views his athletic team. While a coach may recruit players who already have some skill and ability, the point of continued practice is to strengthen those skills and abilities and make even better athletes.

TakeMe HRD has the same goal: to make better employees. The purpose of HR development is to provide the ‘coaching’ needed to strengthen and grow the knowledge, skills, and abilities that an employee already has. The goal of development and training is to make employees even better at what they do.