TakeMe Group is a national and international private Limited Company which has been established to carry on the business of transport services by bus, mini bus, double Decker, bus, rent–a bus, lorry, truck, ambulance, covered van, container mover in all parts of the country including metropolitan areas or inter-district throughout Bangladesh.

TakeMe Group has been on rendering hygienic food and beverage restaurants, motel, cottages, cafe’s, resorts, holiday camps and lodging or apartment house keepers, bakers and importers and manufacturers of aerated mineral water, visa consultancy and to act as traders, representative, franchiser stockiest, liaison, export house in all types of grades of or otherwise to deal into develop and provide. To carry on the business of carriage and delivery of food, consumer products, different products and other parcel services.

TakeMe Group has desired of implementing consumer goods supply project, Financial Security Project, Low Cost Housing Project, Security project and also other viable and sustainable projects in context of the country.

Mr. Enamul Haque, Managing Director of TakeMe Group has established the Company having applied his earned latest technological concepts of business, his continuous guidance, important advice, encouragement, constructive suggestions and by dint of his proper strategic corporate responsibilities towards TakeMe Group. Since the early days, TakeMe Group has evolved from being primarily a commodities trading company to a leading, diversified with a presence industry and multifarious trading sectors that account for nearly certain percentage of Bangladesh GDP.

TakeMe Group mission is being taken Bangladesh to the international market with reputation.

TakeMe Group has grown over the years, the flagship platform now has operations and  investments across a wide range of industries including agro – products, trading, consumable food Commodities, construction, information and communication technologies, skill manpower professional, clearing and forwarding, Real Estate development, shipping Agent, Garments, Pharmaceuticals Products, Steel Industry, Transport, Leathers Products, export and import of multifarious products and financial  service and energy. TakeMe Group sells its products and services in the domestic Bangladesh market as well as international markets. TakeMe Group is having its a large number of employees   who are working under Consumers goods Supply Project, Financial Security Project and also other viable and sustainable Project throughout Bangladesh.

TakeMe Group has now become one of the most recognizable business institutions in Bangladesh and also expanding its reputation in international markets and buyers.

It is synonymous with innovation, trust and quality. TakeMe Group has a combined market capitalization with budgetary projection as per needs.

TakeMe Group is going to be encompassed one south Asian’s largest vertically integrated consumable integrated products and also other sustainable projects.

TakeMe Group has been on implementation on of Consumer Supply Project throughout Bangladesh having appointed 50 (Fifty) thousand staff. TakeMe Group is well-positioned to capitalize on strong growth across trading and industries in both the domestic and global markets. TakeMe Group is managed by an independent professional team with a significant depth of experience. Management teams have established a clear strategic plan that will further strengthen the overall platform. TakeMe Group intends to leverage its market position and global scale, furthers diversify operations into highly profitable sectors, capitalize on the domestic growth opportunity and selectively pursue international opportunities going for forwarding.

In recognition of its corporate success and creation of customer values, TakeMe Group has and continues to make significant contributions to Bangladesh Society.